Enhancing Tag Cloud Canvas

Tag Cloud Canvas shows a wonderful display of tags. It had one drawback, though: how do you distinguish important tags from irrelevant ones when they all look just the same?

Tag Canvas, no tag highlighting

Yet, TagCanvas (the library noknok used to create the plugin) offers a tag highlighting by size, colors or both.

So, I got my hands into it and modified the noknok’s code to include these possibilities. First, enabling it into the administration widget.

The admin widget for tag cloud canvas

And now, applying the configuration…

Size highlighting
Color highlighting
Combined highlighting

And we are good to go… Is that not what makes tags more interesting than categories?

For information, I submitted my changes to noknok. With some hope, they will be included into the plugin. Otherwise, I will provide my alternate version (if you are unable to do it yourself from my github…).

That’s it. Enjoy!

Syntax highlighting: LaTeX

When I prepared this blog, the first plugin I looked for was a syntax highlighter. I finally chose the Crayon Syntax Highlighter.

Looked right, efficient, got good comments, … Only problem is: $\TeX$ is not supported, and I might post about $\LaTeX$ (actually, I already have).

But luckily enough, you can define your own languages, via some well-chosen regular expressions. And I did! Continue reading Syntax highlighting: LaTeX