Keyboards everywhere!

It’s no secret: I do enjoy the keyboard pictures which are used as headers for this blog. On one of them, you can see Vince playing the organ, so of course I notified him I was using his picture against his will…

He took a look at the available headers, and merely told me that lots of keyboards are missing… Continue reading Keyboards everywhere!

Maybe I’ll play… or maybe not.

It’s been long since I developed that craving for an artistic ability. Drawing? Two left hands. Writing? No inspiration. Singing? A real disaster.┬áNow, listening to music, I do a lot. Why not playing? But my hands won’t be any use outside of a keyboard. Hey wait! Maybe that’s it?

No way I take lessons. Because I know how I am and how I can let something go if it does not go the way I want. And no way I buy an expensive instrument for the same reason.

But then I remembered my father had what I thought to be a synth, but which actually was a combo organ. Not that I ever saw him play, but he sometimes let my brother or I try it. It must be at my mother’s, so I searched for it, and she finally found it.

So I figured, what’s in there to lose? I know the basics about reading a score, and internet can teach me what I lack. Same thing with a keyboard layout. Why not try out?

So I took the thing home, plugged it in and turned it on. The speaker crackled. Good, it still works. I let my hands lie on the keys and tried randomly one. No sound. Tried left, right. Nothing. Let my hand run the whole length of the keyboard. Dead.

The speaker seems to be all right from the sound it makes when turning on, but somehow the keyboard does not produce any sound anymore. Well, lost for lost, let’s open it and see if there is a wire disconnected in an obvious way (can I not believe in luck?).

That is when I saw this that I remembered one thing: this organ is older than I am. Nothing as obvious as I hoped, and I am more of a software than hardware guy.

Without the knowledge, skills and equipment, I just let despair win. The organ is still at home, laying in a corner. Putting it to repair may be more expensive than buying a new one. Yet, I feel it would be a loss just to throw it away. Maybe one day…