How to make a portable LaTeX editor

$\LaTeX$ (or more generally $\TeX$) is a wonderful tool when it comes to writing reports. I already wrote about how to use Eclipse with a few plugins to have a portable $\LaTeX$ editor.

There was a limitation however: though I hinted that some compilers exist in a portable version, I used TeXlipse with an installed MiKTeX. Now, a friend of mine required an editor to fine-tune something I prepared, and I did not wish to force a full installation.

So, here is how I prepared a portable $\TeX$ editor on a USB stick in half an hour (most of which was spent downloading), which shall work on any Windows machine. Continue reading How to make a portable LaTeX editor

Syntax highlighting: LaTeX

When I prepared this blog, the first plugin I looked for was a syntax highlighter. I finally chose the Crayon Syntax Highlighter.

Looked right, efficient, got good comments, … Only problem is: $\TeX$ is not supported, and I might post about $\LaTeX$ (actually, I already have).

But luckily enough, you can define your own languages, via some well-chosen regular expressions. And I did! Continue reading Syntax highlighting: LaTeX