Nice Javadoc and UML diagrams with Maven

Geek & Poke published an appropriate strip recently. Any coder will consider the documentation writing a hassle. Yet, they will also be first in line to regret the absence of up-to-date explanation.

Well maybe not them, since people like me rather read code than documentation, but then bosses will be. I was recently asked if we had UML diagrams of our project. Of course not, but automatically generated diagrams should do the trick, isn’t it?

I was answered that finding a free-to-use tool was near impossible. “Challenge accepted!

As it turns out, I ended up with a nice Javadoc, including diagrams for both classes and packages (the one of the root of the project is quite impressive, by the way). Here is a quick preview.

In this post, I will detail how I proceeded to get this result.

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