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Have you ever had tasks you had to perform each morning on getting at your desk? I do. Since I reboot every day, I first used a text file I added to the All programs > Startup menu of my Windows, but it was not satisfactory, as the text file gets lost behind all my other windows anyway (IDEs, e-mails, … You get the idea.).

So, I finally took the time to program the task manager I wanted: something compact, which will not close until I have not checked all tasks, and which remains on top of other windows. Here is what I did.

The basics

OK, it is nothing much advanced, but at the beginning, it is only a personal tool.

The looks

So, what does the thing look like? It comes in three flavours to meet the most basic tastes.

The features

  • All configuration in a single properties file.
  • Three themes.
  • Can be configured to stay on top of other windows, or not.
  • Window fits the tasks displayed.
  • Window cannot be closed until all tasks are completed.

How to use it

Get the source and compile

They are available on GitHub: https://github.com/cyChop/daily-tasks

Everything is under Apache License, Version 2.0, so feel free to modify, fork and share. I will appreciate any feedback.

The project is Maven-compilated and does not use any exotic dependency, so you should be able to compile it anywhere.

Once compiled, configure and run

Nothing difficult: when compiling, the daily-tasks-0.1.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar should be available in the target directory. This is an executable jar, which only requires a tasks.properties file at the same location on disk. Below is a sample:

That’s it. Once you have the jar and properties in the same directory, you should be able to run the jar just by double-clicking it. Hope you will enjoy!

UPDATE 2013-07-11: This manager was ugly at first, since I designed it as a tool for me only. Yet, publishing the sources to Github, I let myself into the game, and a v1.0.0 release is now out. Interface is smoother, more configuration options are available. I have even started preparing localization… You can have a look on the project page.

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