Typing every day…

Good things about a keyboard is to use it regularly. Don’t you enjoy it?

More seriously, I used to have a diary. A leather-bound notebook. Thing is, the times when I wrote were quite random, and a year could pass without me writing anything. Why? Maybe because it was much of a constraint for something I would rarely or never look back to. Plus, no matter how I liked the use of a good ol’ fountain pen, it was quite a hassle and did not fit mobility.

So I searched to go mobile and checked what was available on the internet. This is how I met 750words. But what is it?

Basically, it is a website which encourages you to write at least 750 words every day (now you get the name). How can they? Well, streak points, badges, … Looks stupid, maybe, but I know my weak points, and I know from video games I like to collect such awards, so I just dived in.

Streak on 750words

What features can you expect besides these awards? Well, first, for geeks, Markdown is fully supported.

For others, each day, a graph is drawn, analyzing the content of your writing. Well, analysis by automated dictionaries and algorithms are more or less accurate, but I think you can’t help and watch what today’s graphs are like, or how you did since you began on 750words.

It has been two weeks since I began on 750words and I have not broken the streak yet. For now, I use it as a diary only, but I guess time will come when I have nothing more interesting to write. So how not to break the streak? Some know I would like to be able to write, and I am hoping for the exercise of writing everyday to make it easier. Only imagination is the weak point right now, but this could become a challenge for short stories, and may lead to even better after. Let us wait and see.

Just a final word: if you are looking for an online diary but do not like the constraint of having to write everyday, 750words’ author publicizes about neat-looking Penzu, which has the only brick I lack for total mobility with 750words: mobile apps.

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