Slice, a new approach to keyboards…

I already blogged about keyboards and touch screens. I gave credit to 8pen for trying to break out of the tradition and legacy of the typewriters. Now, another can pretend to that qualification: Slice.

What is the main concept of Slice? The keys are not constantly displayed. You have to touch one of the six main buttons to make the characters appear.

This keyboard works only for 7″ tablets and larger, though reviews imply it feels a little cramped on a Nexus 7.

The free demo application comes with a Space Invader game to help you learn. This is important: since the keyboard is utterly different from anything you know, the learning curve will be quite steep. Plus, you need to know which button will display which characters…

The learning is the main reason I will not try it out (yes, you might call me a coward). And I suppose that, as 8pen, it will be perfectly designed for English typing, but not optimized for French, which is my main language…

Feel free to have a look at the presentation video below.


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