Keyboards everywhere!

It’s no secret: I do enjoy the keyboard pictures which are used as headers for this blog. On one of them, you can see Vince playing the organ, so of course I notified him I was using his picture against his will…

He took a look at the available headers, and merely told me that lots of keyboards are missing…

Laser keyboard

This was his first suggestion. The laser keyboard is a device allowing the projection of a keyboard on any flat surface.

A practical device, much more compact than a full keyboard. Yet, the touch feeling is lost, which I already explained is a problem to me.

And in music?

Hit the keys!

So, first thing Vince spoke of was the marimba. I knew the essential about it but skimmed through the Wikipedia article and discovered something that looked impressive, called the Quandragularis Reversum. I deduced this is to the marimba what an organ is to a piano. See for yourself!

Harry Partch’s Quadrangularis Reversum

Some light keys?

The laser harp. Though I would not classify it as a keyboard instrument, this was Vince’s next suggestion. This instrument was designed with an analogy with the plucking of a harp’s strings, and yet, I must admit that the way of placing hands inside the light beams could be seen as pressing buttons…

I will only share the vid which made me discover what this instrument looks like.


Playing keyboard with your feet?

Yes, you can! Some organs have very impressive consoles, including pedals. For instance, the United States Naval Academy chapel’s five-manual console.

US Naval Academy chapel’s five-manual console

Mixing genres

What about the wheel fiddle? The sound is made by a wheel rubbing against the strings, but it is a keyboard that determines which note is produced. So I guess this could be counted as a keyboard.

Wheel fiddle
A wheel fiddle (or hurdy gurdy)

I do love this instrument, but it is quite difficult to find it in contemporary music. Yet, if you want to hear a little of it and like metal music, I highly recommend the Swiss band Eluveitie.

For instance, the wheel fiddle dominates the intro of Sacrapos. To listen to it, go to this page and click on Sacrapos.

Multiple keyboards

Multiple keyboards on the same instruments. Organs are not the only ones, there also are accordions.

Two keyboards on each squeezebox, and each of them not alike at all! I guess there would be an occasion to a great website header with such an instrument!

A convertor free-bass piano-accordion and a Russian bayan


No, this was not to be important. I just found it interesting to share. As I explained to Vince, I do not aim at having all possible keyboards as headers. I would actually rather have a quite limited selection of  artistically-taken pictures.

Yet, I’m open to all contributions, so if you have an idea, do not hesitate to contact me.

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